Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dylan Ettinger - Bread Of The Dead (El Tule, 2009)

Dylan Ettinger - Side A (Pan De Muerto / Rosa Parks / Cross My Eyes)

Dylan Ettinger is the ring leader for El Tule Tapes and it seems to me that he's got some major skillz when it comes to makin tunes and he also gets mucho street cred for his curating with all the other tapes he's been releasing on this little label of his (like Women In Tragedy's stunning Nothing But Dreams).

Bread Of The Dead is exactly what you should be listening to right now if you live in Salem. I understand that most of you probably don't, but if your locale is lacking sun at the moment, then this tape is gonna brighten your day.

It starts out with "Pan De Muerto" where everyone's hootin and whoopin like it's Cinco De Mayo or something. Shit, I'm just realizing that I'm 2 days late with this review. Oh well. Anyway, it gets into a solid hypnotic groove that, like everything else on Bread, is completely blown out. The fidelity on this tape is utter shit and it sounds fantastic.

From "Muerto" it only gets better, from blissed out drone with skittering tambourines on "Rosa Parks" to the infinite looped rich golden melodies that Dylan wordlessly croons over on "Cross My Eyes." And that's just the A side.

Bread Of The Dead is fuckin beautiful (both sides). Ettinger knows where it's at. Groovy tunes, sweetly packaged tapes, and a super awesome label. Bread is already sold out of it's first batch, with a second one on the way. Tomentosa might have some available, though, if you just can't wait. And I'm pretty sure you can't.

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caleb said...

sweet write up i love cross my eyes