Friday, May 29, 2009

Hunted Creatures - Dusk (Different Lands, 2009)

Hunted Creatures - Side A (Red Satin / Endless Bounds And God's Ritual)

Hunted Creatures is Ryan Emmett from Pittsburgh. You might know him from the split he did with Ophibre that I reviewed a while back and because I went to the show he played at Church (also with Ophibre). Long story short, he's a drone guy. And he's awesome.

Dusk is a pretty short tape, about 20 minutes total but I assure you it is time well spent. No dilly-dallying (still can't believe that's a real word wtf), Emmet jumps right in with "Red Satin." The tinkling and buzzing reminds me of being drugged at the dentist, hearing that drill way off in the distance, but being so gone that it sounds beautiful instead of ominous. After what seems like no time at all, the next song comes starts up in all of it's organ glory. I swear I hear angels and doves in there somewhere. Totally gorgeous stuff.

The B side has just as much sky rocketing drone as the first. "Decension/Ascension" is a wicked short track, lasting about a minute, just long enough to impress me with it's compact intensity. "Spirit Decay" is the brain buster here, making me woozy and weak in the knees from being torn in two. Synths pushing you to the edge of your sanity while hypnotizing you with their soothing relentlessness. Complete mind fucklery. Absolutely amazing.

Sucks for you that Dusk is sold out at Different Lands. You might be able to grab a copy from Emmet himself via Myspace. Or Tomentosa might still have a few left. Definitely worth seeking out because it's cheap and it's insanely good.

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