Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best Release Date Ever

Both Matthew Robert Cooper and Belong have new releases coming out very soon. Like, 3 weeks soon.

Belong has their Same Places (Slow Version) one sided 12" for the Table Of The Elements Guitar Series (check out the Pitchfork article for more info). The opposite side of the record will have a laser-etched image from UK artist Savage Pencil. Right now, CD Universe is taking pre-orders for those who live in the US. So if you want one (and why wouldn't you) you should do so quickly because that shit will sell out.

And not to be one-upped, Matthew Robert Cooper (aka Eluvium) is also releasing a new 12" under his own name (instead of Eluvium), titled Miniatures. You can hear "Miniature 3" at Pitchfork and "Miniature 7" at Gaarden Records (who is releasing the record). And although Gaarden isn't doing pre-orders at the moment, they are "taking names." So shoot 'em an e-mail and get in line if you want a copy, as there will only be 2000 of them.

Oh yeah, the best part is that both records are being released on August 5. That's only 3 weeks from now! That is seriously going to be the best day ever.

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