Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Temporary Residence YouTube Channel

Temporary Residence just announced that they opened their own YouTube channel. According to them, "it's true that you'll find loads of music videos and live performances from the likes of Explosions In The Sky, Envy, Rob Crow, Grails, Maserati and more, you'll also find a fair amount of office favorites that have nothing to do with TRL other than the fact that they fascinate us and make us laugh." Right now, they only have 7 videos up, totaling 5 different bands. I picked out a couple of the better ones.

Miss Violetta Beauregarde - Flanger When You Die
A hooded Miss Beauregarde with her friends in a red-lit bumper-car ring shot with a fisheye. Fun stuff.

Grails - More Extinction
Old, faded, brings to mind classic Chinese movies. And at the most important point, his concentration is ruined. Damn it!

Maserati - This Is A Sight We Had One Day
Some dude running around, perhaps imagining that infamous race he was supposed to win. Filled with hand drawn elements like a monster peeing in the background and lightning shooting from a guy's hands. Awesome video.

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