Monday, May 12, 2008

Christopher Willits - Plants & Hearts EP

One of the things I love about seeing bands live is the opportunity to buy records that are difficult to find elsewhere. I'm a somewhat impulsive music buyer, so when I go to a concert, it's very hard for me to say no (particularly limited edition and/or hand numbered stuff), especially when I know if I don't buy it then, I probably won't get it at all. Or in special cases, can't buy it at all, like tour only EPs (The Advantage, The Album Leaf, and most recently, Stars Of The Lid).

Christopher Willits is one of those guys that puts out a great deal of his work on self-released CD-Rs, and that makes it very difficult to acquire. So when I saw Mr. Willits at his merch table with a dozen things I didn't have, I got a little excited. Among other things, I picked up Pollen, his Japanese tour CD with Taylor Deupree, and his newest EP, Plants & Hearts.

This new EP is a gorgeous 21 minute piece of drone that is unlike most of Willits' other works. It's still guitar based, but gone are his signature clicks and ticks. This is smooth going all the way and he went about creating it in a very scientific way. According to his website, "Incorporating 4hz isochronic pulses and panning at the same frequency, this work encourages the formation of 4hz brainwave patterns associated with states of meditation, deep relaxation, enhanced creativity, light sleep and lucid dreaming." He warns that this record may cause dizziness or vertigo and that you shouldn't drive while listening to it. And of course, just saying it makes me want to go out and do just that.

If you like Willits' other work but are looking for something a little different or if you're into the Windy & Carlish hypnotic sounds, then I'd recommend giving this a listen.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE this release too. Christopher Willits is always up to something super creative.

the Duke said...

Christopher Willits is one of the most innovative musicians today. The hallmark of a genius is that he doesn't rest on his laurels or repeat himself. I've been able to find most of his stuff at amazon, btw. Great Post!