Friday, May 23, 2008

Battles Videos

Mirrored is a worthy successor to the 3 EPs Battles put out before it. Plenty of people expected them to continue releasing EPs and never bother with a full length. A friend of mine joked once he heard they were putting out a full length, "What are they gonna call it? The LP EP?" Hilarious, I know. Anyway, here are a couple of videos from last years album that made a lot of people's year end Top 10 lists.

Lots of lights in the middle of a field at night. It reminds me of that lightning field out in New Mexico where people go camping. Gorgeous.

They took that mirror room they used for the album cover and performed in it. It looks awesome. And you gotta love Ty Braxton's vocals in this one.

On a side note, I've never seen Battles live but I have seen Ty Braxton perform solo. And holy shit if that wasn't one of the most mind blowing shows I've ever seen. He sits on the ground with a couple of mics and guitars and a bunch of pedals and makes the best fucking music. He played right after Windsor For The Derby (who's new album, How We Lost, is great) and right before Big Bear at CMJ in 2005. God damn, that was an amazing show.

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