Friday, May 9, 2008

Perfect Songs

If you're a reader of Pitchfork, then you know they have regular feature articles, some of them being interviews, others being about a particular genre of music, but there's only one that I ever read on a somewhat regular basis and it's called Resonant Frequency. It's usually a nice read but to tell you the truth, sometimes the articles for that column seem so random, I've never really been able to put together what it's focus is supposed to be.

Anyway, the most recent Resonant Frequency article is about perfect songs. Not the writer's favorite songs, but the ones he thinks are perfectly crafted and formed, from a technical standpoint. For the most part, I don't know many of the songs on his list (Dwight Twilley's Looking For The Magic? Jürgen Paape's So Weit Wie Noch Nie?) and the ones I do know, I probably wouldn't agree with (Fleetwood Mac's Never Going Back Again ).

But there is one song on his list that I certainly agree that might be the most perfectly crafted song ever. Tommy James & The Shondells doing Crimson & Clover. That song is so great in every way. I remember having a best of on cassette when I was like 7 years old. I wore that tape out. Great stuff. Thanks Tommy.

A terribly synched and probably fan created video of official footage, it was the best I could find. At least there's funny ruffly shirts. And stupid hair.

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