Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Black Boned Angel & Nadja - Christ Send Light

Black Boned Angel & Nadja - Christ Send Light (excerpt)

I have had many experiences with studio recorded Nadja (and I look forward to the live experience with them and Grails on June 27th) but this is my introduction of sorts to Black Boned Angel. I say "of sorts" because I'm familiar with Campbell Kneale (aka Birchville Cat Motel), who just happens to be one half of BBA. But I know nothing whatsoever of the other half, Jules Desmond (of 1/3 Octave Band) or of BBA's sound. From what I read, they're heavy. And from what I hear on this collaboration with Nadja, together they're heavy as shit. Hardly surprising, I know, but still good news. Things would be much different if it were a collab between BBA and Aidan Baker (of Nadja) who deals in much lighter affairs on his solo outings. But no, this is not Aidan alone, it is he with fellow Nadjian Leah Buckareff, going all out with Black Boned Angel.

Christ Send Light is a teaser CD EP with a single 21 minute track, hoping to seduce you into buying not only this, but the forth coming full length by the duo that as yet has no release date (but is due out sometime in 2008). This one song, however, will not be on the full length. So if you want it, this is where you find it and nowhere else. It's released by Battlecruiser in an edition of 600 and the full length will come out on 20 Buck Spin with two more tracks, both over 20 minutes long. And if this EP is any indication of what the LP sounds like, then I'll be one of the first in line for pre-orders.

But what does it sound like, you ask? Well, in truth, it sounds a lot like Jesu (and you know I like Jesu), sans Justin Broadrick's soothing shoegaze moan. It's fuzzy, with walls of guitar feedback, some slow cinematic piano in the background, plodding drums that echo like The J&MC, and vocals courtesy of someone other than Leah (there's no liner notes, so sue me). The vocals are what really turn this into a pop song, though. You're always going to end up with some pop elements when you do the metalgaze thing, but strip away the sludge on "Christ Send Light" and you could have something that Sub Pop would put out.

I don't want to say this is better than anything Jesu has ever put out because I just love Jesu that much. But it is. And damn if I'm not fuckin' psyched about the full length coming out later this year. I will be all over that thing. One 20 minute track isn't nearly enough to last on repeat for an indefinite amount of time (for all I know, I might have to wait until the day before New Year's Eve), especially because I'm probably going to end up substituting this whenever I start jonesing for Jesu.

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