Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Technoir MA - Technoir MA EP (self released, 2009)

Technoir MA - Roundabout

Technoir MA, occasionally known without the MA, are a couple of dudes from Somerville that know how to put smiles on faces. They do the catchy indie electro popgaze really really well.

Their new EP is 20 minutes worth of truly wonderful tunes that are 100% danceable while avoiding the "dance" label, similar to A Faulty Chromosome or Radio Dept. They got the dreamy guitars, echoey electronic drum beats, and a singer who has no business in the 21st century. I have a feeling Kevin Shields will be throwing some Technoir on the next Sophia Coppola movie.

The first song, "Roundabout," starts out and I always think I accidentally put on White Williams' "New Violence." It quickly turns into something entirely different, though, and just as cool. "Lovers To Lepers" has a great fucking riff that for some reason reminds me of recess in elementary school. Yeah, I don't know either. The last one is a slower song with a tropical rhythm section and perhaps a slightly-too-obvious title: "Islands."

All in all, way too fucking short. It's an EP, I know. But I want more. Sue me. So would somebody sign these guys already? I want a full length.

P.S. This is under the Creative Commons License so feel free to chop that shit up and make your own kickass remix. They won't mind.


Shane O'Connor Recording said...

there is a follow up in the works already. i am taking this band into the studio in september for another 3 songs

thismusicwins said...

i assume you're talking about 2/B right? i just finished my review, got sent a promo over this week. great stuff.

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i am taking this band into the studio in september for another 3 songs