Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gregg Kowalsky - Tape Chants (Kranky, 2009)

Gregg Kowalsky - IX

This album is called Tape Chants and you thought it wouldn't end up on this blog? Not a chance.

I almost feel like saying just that this is an album stuffed with lazy minimal textured tape drones and be done with it. There's really no point in beleaguering or persuading. If that phrase doesn't instantly make your nips hard, then there's no fucking way you're going to enjoy this album. The 20 minute centerpiece of organic inebriated soporific mind expansion is just gonna drive you fucking nuts with boredom. And the little minute long interludes are gonna pass right by you while you're thinking someone's breathing down your neck.

My concern numero uno however is where the fuck is the vinyl? CD only for a record like this? Come on Kranky, you're slacking.


Kenny Bloggins said...


Unknown said...

it's rather difficult to do vinyl for a 50 minute album.

and do you have any idea how hard it is to sell interesting sounds? it's either LP or CD for truly challenging work or you will go broke in a hurry. in this case the length of the album dictated a CD release.

we should be praised for releasing this album on any format.


mr. kranky

Justin Snow said...

Kranky should be praised for everything! All of the records you put out are brilliant. I'm sorry if you were offended by the review, I tend to be a bit over-dramatic in my posts. I'm a huge Kranky fan (was even at the 15 year anniversary at Brainwaves!).

I understand a 50 minute vinyl isn't the easiest thing to sell, especially from an obscure drone artist. I'm thankful Tape Chants was released at all, and especially glad it was on a label as reputable as Kranky so Kowaslky can perhaps get some more recognition.

I loved Tape Chants so much that it was on my Top 10 list of drone albums in 2009. And I have a feeling Loscil's next one might make it onto 2010's list. Or maybe that Ken Camden album. Sounds pretty promising, especially since it's only going to be on vinyl!

Unknown said...

i'm not offended at all, just trying to inject some reality into the "i wish this was on this vinyl" argument which seems to be everywhere these days. i think that the quality of content is infinitesimally more important than the format it arrives in.


mr. kranky

Justin Snow said...

I understand, especially from the perspective of a label.

By the way, I'm kind of honored that you commented on my blog. :)