Thursday, July 2, 2009

Apple Jackzzzzz - Naptime's Over (self released, 2009)

Apple Jackzzzzz - Tamagotchi

Every time it's like "I can't believe I'm still actually listening to this." But I'm pretty sure everyone feels that way when listening to Apple Jackzzzzz's Naptime's Over. You see, the very first thing you hear when you hit play on this CD is a bunch of fart sounds. And the maturity level only drops from there. If you can make it past the first song, though, you're golden.

Naptime's Over is self described "Inner Child Rock." Still not getting it? There are songs like "I Just Want A Bigger Penis" and "Faking Sick > School" with lyrics such as "Liking cookies is not a crime. Why should I have to do hard time?" The songs are filled with poor rhyming and the occasional swear. It's written (and sang) in a style that makes it sound like a 5th grader wrote (and sang) it.

Listening to Apple Jackzzzzz is confusing. I'm pretty sure it's meant for electro obsessed ironic 20-somethings longing for the nostalgia of their childhood (yes I purposefully just described hipsters). But it's easy to think this is geared towards kids upon first listen. The drum machine beats and Casio melodies are super fun but nothing that's super amazing. It's like some Brooklynite thought it would be a good idea if Raffi made an synth dance rock record and knew there was no way in hell that would ever happen so he took matters into his own hands. I bet there are plenty of music critics who would tear this a new asshole because it's not really of objective high quality.

But Naptime's Over is SO much fun to listen to and not just for nostalgia's sake (although that has a lot to do with it). There's an infectious charm that, yeah, makes me feel like a kid again. Whenever I laugh listening to Apple Jackzzzzz singing about the sweet shapes that peel out of Fruit Roll-Ups, I know I'm never going to be 100% mature. And I'm totally fine with that. Something tells me I'm not alone.

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Kyle said...

Such a good album, it totally grows on you. Though I'm probably biased by the amazing live performances as well...