Monday, July 27, 2009

L'Acephale - Malefeasance (Aurora Borealis, 2009)

L'Acephale - From A Miserable Abode (Alt Mix)

Portland's L'Acephale has a new release, Malefeasance, that comes just in time for Boston's summer. The heat is up, the sun is out, and we're finally done with all that fucking rain. Now it's time for some blissful sunshine via L'Acephale's wondrous tunes.

Malefeasance is full of charming upbeat melodies coming straight out of a John Hughes movie. The choruses are catchy as fuck and I swear "Väinämöinen Nacht" has been stuck in my head for weeks. Most of the songs fall somewhere between dance jam and ballad, the kinda of thing that will get played at every single high school prom next year. L'Acephale has really captured the essence of summer with Malefeasance and I guarantee this is the most charming record you'll hear all year.

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