Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Choi Joonyong - Burn Yoido Burn (Ghost & Son, 2010)

Choi Joonyong - 150-743

Choi Joonyong is a Seoul based noise dude who likes to fuck with open CD players. On Burn Yoido Burn, his weapon of choice is an mp3 player burning with feedback (plus a contact mic & some distortion pedals). Honestly, I'm pretty fucking floored with the sounds he can spew from such limited materials.

This is a mini 3" CD of harshness, similar to the last one Ghost & Son put out, Amplified WC by Hong Chulki, a frequent Choi collaborator. However, its shortness is matched in its brutality. This is some hardcore digital acid, squawks & static galore. Blown out glitch bubbling from the depths of binary hell. Joonyong has basically turned your iPod into a wall of ear destroying lightning.

Unless Joonyong has a greater message, maybe something to do with the shitty production quality of electronics or that everything we listen to on our mp3 players is really just different sides of the same noise coin, this is noise for noise sake and it's fucking great. A perfect 20 minute dose of electrocuted speakers and thunderous chaos. It'd be pretty sweet if Ghost & Son kept up this 3" noise CD thing, they're startin' to put themselves on a niche map of awesomeness.

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