Friday, October 29, 2010

Inhibitionists - Lithium Salt Mines (Tape Drift, 2010)

Inhibitionists - Midwinter Mass

Another gentle giant of a noise record from Tape Drift, this one from Danish dude Christian Kann recording as Inhibitionists, which has gone through numerous line-up and sound changes over the years. Used to make experimental pop, used to be an actual "band," used to have a "The" in front of the name, now it's just Kann making awesome noise. Something tells me we're better off with this current incarnation of Inhibitionists because Lithium Salt Mines is pretty fucking killer.

With a few exceptions, the noise found within isn't really loud or scary or harsh. It's actually pretty accessible for a noise record, even though it's still most definitely NOISE. A bit on the psych side of things, Kann creates super rich textures that keep you on your toes, making sure you're always hyper aware of what's going on, trying to distinguish one layer from the next as instruments & sounds melt into each other.

This is the sort of stuff that puts you in your place, glues you right to your seat, props your ears open with toothpicks, and goes to town. Dark, thick clouds of poison settle in, jittery tape warble hisses through electric bee teeth, creaking light fixtures burn magnesium in thunderous warehouses, crackle cellophane static echos with funereal nightmares... all that awesomeness bursting through your speakers, just waiting to jump your bones.

Lithium Salt Mines is perfect for those nights where you just need to lay naked on the floor with a sleeve of Chips Ahoy on either side, waiting for the hypnosis to kick in. It's also good for when you're not doing that, too. I guess. For $6, you can listen to it however you want.


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