Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hong Chulki - Amplified WC (Ghost & Son, 2010)

Hong Chulki - Amplified WC (excerpt)

Hong Chulki just became my new dude crush. He created a sound installation in a public bathroom consisting of 2 feedback loops. One of the elements had an exposed audio cable and aluminum foil attached directly beneath a ventilation duct, the idea being that all of the near imperceptible vibrations would cause the cable and foil to randomly come in contact and scream violent bursts of electronic feedback. The other loop, made up of an 8" monitor and piezo mic, oozes screeching metal and bone rattling buzz.

This shit sounds fucking AWESOME. I'm talking gut inverting drone and brutal squalls of demon static storms, throngs of beetles digging through your ear canals, all 3 heads of Cerberus snarling while the sticky blood of its last meal drips down the back of your neck. The best part of this is that it's purely improvised without Chulki doing a thing. "Improvised noise without improviser." Chulki fabricated an independent system that would create noise according to its environment. I know it's been done before, but I haven't heard it done like this. Because this is just too fucking cool.

Only 90 copies made on 3" CD-Rs with surprisingly charming artwork. It's Ghost & Son's debut release so show some support and grab this piece of history.


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