Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Milieu - The Loneliness Of Empty Roads (Second Sun, 2010)

Milieu - Untitiled 1

Milieu is one of the many names Brian Grainger uses to make music, as well as the name of one of the labels he runs. The Loneliness Of Empty Roads is out on one of those very labels, Second Sun, which he co-runs with David Tagg.

Grainger improvised Empty Roads live on tape, with no overdubs, and managed to come out the other side with an endless drone affair of impeccable beauty & sadness. 3 long tracks of unwavering melancholy, apocalyptic Six-String Samurai type shit, and lovely lush isolation.

The drones here are bare bones, not much in the way of dynamic fluctuations, just a mood set on woe and left to its own devices. Solid sounds that go on for miles of emptiness, with the sole intent of hypnosis, forgetting pain & responsibility. There's one track that's less drone than the rest, with a mournful scorched guitar singing the blues. It still has a drone heart, though, interminably walking down deserted roads with nothing but the dust at its feet and the sun on its back. No goal, no end of the line. Just trying to find the perfection in sorrow.

The near half hour long closer is the grandest, yet most subdued ode to solitude I've ever heard. It's pure elegance, soaring guitar drone made for total body levitation. Resonating chords that will stay with you on the cold forlorn nights. The power of this drone is unlike any other, making its way into your bones and showing you the loveliness of loneliness. It doesn't get much better than this.


James said...

wow. thanks for catching this one.

xl pharmacy said...

They are very good, thanks for the clarification, I thought that they were two different sources.