Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Megabats - Goes To A Lemon (Debacle, 2010)

Megabats - Amazon Bike Tits

Megabats really impressed me with their debut in/out. It was a sweet blend of fuzzy Fuck Buttons beats with spacey Oneohtrix Point Never bloop drone. For some reason I never reviewed it, but they have a new one called Goes To A Lemon released by the same label, Debacle, and I'm not letting them slip by again.

The jams they're making are a bit derivative (wtf isn't), but they still resonate with me and I find myself listening to them way more than some of the more original stuff I come across. Goes To A Lemon is full of high quality tunes perfect for a late night joyride, a doze underneath glow-in-the-dark stars, or a hardcore blissed out neon basement dance party. Megabats pump out the deep, dark, euphoric fuzz beats with pink stars blazin past at lightspeed. Clearly this is right where it's fucking at. Stream it for free, buy it on the cheap, download it for even cheaper, all at Bandcamp.

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