Wednesday, October 27, 2010

AGB Radio 10/26

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Yesterday's primarily disgustingly brutal black metal show is ready for the ultimate portability test. Download it, take it wherever you want!

Also, not sure if it's the program I was using to record, but my vocals are wayyyy low in this mix. Did it actually sound like that live? Should I crank that shit up so I'm screaming at your facez? Feedback makes the world go 'round. Tell me what to do to make it better and I'll fucking deliver.

Play it loudest, play it hardest.

Anti-Gravity Bunny Radio 10/26
Aderlating - The Shallow Waters Of The Styx
Painforged - The Achievement We Are The Crawling Filth Descended From This Planet And Our Own Funeral Creators
Emit - Dead Before Death
Lonesummer - Regrettably, Our Harvest Never Grew
Nahvalr - Let Them Eat Blood
L'Acephale - A Burned Village
Dark Procession - Mists Of Darkness
Flaskavsae - The Clouds Shall Cover
Xasthur - This Abyss Holds The Mirror
Empire Auriga - Sorrowsong
Ophidian Forest - A Herald On Silver Wings
Ehnahre - Part III
Azrael Rising - IV
Cold World - Red Snow
Planning For Burial - If I Knew What To Say
Portal - Marityme
Robyn - Dancing On My Own
A Faulty Chromosome - Groaning Like A Grown-Up
Skogar - The Future Will
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed - Infinite Girlfriend
Crystal Castles - Year Of Silence


Cosmic Amanda said...

Crank up the mic! I listened for a little bit, and I found myself turning up the volume to hear you and then getting a startling blast of metal when you started the music up again. Of course, that could be a good schtick...

Justin Snow said...

Ok, thanks for the tip. It was really annoying because for some reason my vocals weren't coming through the headphones so it was really hard to judge, especially after the first week when Elise said it was too loud.

Unknown said...

I only got to hear about 30 minutes of your show yesterday, so I'm very pleased that it is available in this ultra-portable format.

I agree about the vocals thing too. It was super low. Next time we'll definitely need more Justin.


Carter Mullin said...

Definitely turn the vocals up a little more. Despite that, loved the playlist! Totally suits this upcoming Halloween.

Ashley said...

I HEARD YA JUST FINE, excited for next week!

ranceray said...

i havn't listened to it yet, but i love that you have xasthur and robyn in the same playlist. i had a radio show last semester. i would flip coins between crystal castles and harvey milk and such. i liked doing little things to make sure that the few listeners that were tuning in from 1-4am were paying attention. haha keep up the good work man