Saturday, February 6, 2010

Show Worthy 2/8 - 2/14

Monday, February 8 - Sunday, February 14
Together Festival
If you haven't heard of this yet, you're living under a rock. Boston's got the biggest bestest electronic festival going down this week. Tons of awesomeness like DJ/Rupture, Sinden, Phantogram, and Neon Indian happening all over the place but there's 3 events I'm especially looking forward to. First is Tim Hecker, Mountains, and David Daniell at the Cambridge YMCA on Thursday. Then there's the FREE chiptune showcase on Friday at MassArt's Pozen Center with Animalstyle, Disasterpeace, Cathode Rays, Active Knowledge, Br1ght Pr1mate, and Radio Scotvoid DJing with visuals and lasers from VJ Beyonder. And finally there's the killer BOWAAC early (3pm) all ages Saturday show with Big Digits, Truman Peyote, Coralcola, Many Mansions, Wet Bandits (Ryan Durkin & Evaredy), and Dutty Artz for only 7 fucking dollars. Check out the full schedule here.

Major Stars

Monday, February 8
Major Stars, Fat Worm Of Error, Vile Bodies at Charlie's Kitchen (9:00, $5, 21+)
Psych punk noise insanity.

Monday, February 8
Sequoyah Leaf at Weirdo Records (8:00, donate, all ages)
I have no idea. Noise + clarinet? It's at Weirdo, that's all you need to know.

Brandon Terzakis

Tuesday, February 9
Brandon Terzakis at Cafe Fixe (8:00, donate, all ages)
One man drone dude will know you out with minimalism.

Wednesday, February 10
Ghost Grass and Retribution Body at Mobius (8:00, $10, all ages)
Organic electronic dronescapes to empty the useless shit filling your head.

The Beets by Nate via

Thursday, February 11
Christmas Island, The Beets, Beach Fossils, The Needy Visions, Maine Coons at The Cottage (8:00, donate, all ages)
The good kind of hipster stuff that's so good hipsters don't even know about it aka MAGIC FUN

Friday, February 12
Xiphoid Dementia, Bitchneck, Epaulettes, FRKSE at Outpost 186 (8:00, $5, all ages)
NOISSSEEE. Lots of it. All different kinds.

Ununi, Gaetana Brown, I The Eye by Kelly Alsheimer via

Saturday, February 13
Alto Jeffro, Ununi, Gaetana Brown, I The Eye, Black Steel Peacock at Outpost 186 (8:00, $5, all ages)
Nice showcase with bands from No More 60s. You got acoustic punk nastiness, harsh noise, pleasant folk, weirdo electronics, and pretty much everything your fucked up heart could ever desire from a single show.

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the no more 60s show will rule Ununi are fuckin awesome