Monday, February 1, 2010

Ricardo Donoso - Zerovinteum (Semata, 2009)

Ricardo Donoso - Zerovinteum

Donoso is the head honcho of Semata, one of the best things Boston has going for it right now. He puts out records from amazing local noise/drone acts and he organizes/hosts some of the best noise shows in town. He also happens to make some noise himself, and Zerovinteum is his latest foray into dark ambient soundscapes.

The title track is a frightening affair, with giant sheets of metal gliding along, seeping long resonant tones through the atmosphere. Super awesome. The B side, "Plate Fourteen," starts out with a deep earth rumble, goes through a long stint of beautifully minimal bowed cymbal doom, and ends in a locked groove of hissing seismic aftershocks.

Highly recommended and totally fucking great. A limited edition 7" that's wholly worth your $7.


Walter Frazier said...

Sick! It's like an anxiety attack before a medieval monster comes from its dungeon.

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I think that track is going to be terrific because I've listened those sounds are like out of this world, I'd like to hear it right now.