Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Young Adults - Demo (self released, 2010)

Young Adults - Rip It Up

These are some dudes from Boston. These are some dudes who play music. These are some bad dudes.

Young Adults play rock and roll. Young Adults ARE rock and roll.

Their demo has 5 songs. One song is inexplicably not-so-hidden and it's called "Bummer Summer." It is good but not as good as "Rip It Up" which is the first song on the demo. "Rip It Up" RIPS IT UP. It is post power echo punk that will dance with you then punch you in the mouth.

You can buy a demo for $4. The packaging is nice (slim line DVD case). You can also download the demo for free. You will be a good person if you do either of those things.

Young Adults are playing some shows soon, Girlfriends will be playing some of them too. They will be good shows. Both bands will like you a lot if you go to their shows.


earthquakeparty said...

earthquake party will also be playing these shows!!

Justin Snow said...


katepilgrim said...

haha my goal for today was to put up a post about young adults.
justin snow, we seem to have pretty similar musical taste!

Justin Snow said...

It seems we do. I hope that doesn't stop you from completing your goal. :)