Monday, January 11, 2010

Together Is Better Than BEMF

I went to The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival last year and it was cool and all but not especially what I was hoping it would be. It was all dance music. Granted, there was all different types of shit to shake your cosmic thing at, but I'm not a 24 hour partier. And here is why Boston is better than Brooklyn.

Together: The New England Electronic Music Festival. Do you see that lineup? They got their shit covered. Tim fucking Hecker. Playing Boston. Plus, Keith Fullerton Whitman, Neon Indian, Phantogram, DJ/Rupture, AC Slater, Sinden, Udachi, plus a ton more not even announced yet.

There's drone, hipster shit, trip hop, super slick DJs, and tons of awesome dudes that make sure you have the best time possible. This is taking place all over Boston for an entire week in February.

Update: Mobius show not happening. :(
Aaaand I got some extra info about a specific show that's going to be top fucking notch. Brendan Murray, KFW & Geoff Mullen, and Max Lord will be playing at Mobius on the 10th. $$$ says that will contend with Tim Hecker for best show of the fest.

There's going to be tons more (100+ performers) plus a record fair, DJ classes, film screenings, and, well, you can read the bottom of the flyer. No word yet on cost of passes but here's hoping they're cheap. And if they're not? Fuck it. It'll totally be worth it anyway.

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Nick said...

damn. I left the east coast at the wrong time.