Thursday, January 21, 2010

Prehistoric Blackout / No Fun Acid / Keith Fullerton Whitman / Oneohtrix Point Never - Synth Night (Protracted View, 2009)

No Fun Acid - Side B

There was a night last November where all of the amazing modern synth masters converged in Brooklyn to play a show that was unlike any other. Prehistoric Blackout, No Fun Acid, Keith Fullerton Whitman, and Oneohtrix Point Never played at Glasslands (along with Northampton Wools who didn't make it onto this release for some reason) and some kind souls decided it would be worth their time to let the world hear what kind of magic went down that one fateful Synth Night.

Prehistoric Blackout's set is teeming with inconsiderate douchebags talking for the first half but otherwise is a super sweet landscape of chimes and alien jungle sounds. No Fun Acid drops his crazy acid techno house shit, but only after a dramatic 2 minute throbbing drone intro and then he slips some subtle beats into the mix. Before you know it, the party is going full force, people yelling and dancing and it's just the best fucking non-rave ever.

Then Whitman comes on with scattered beeps and bloops while people are still chattering, trying to get their attention before he launches a full scale assault on their ears. Once things get going, it's like the control panel in a flying car is malfunctioning in the most glorious way possible. Finally we got OPN coming in to clean up, a perfect set to follow KFW's. It starts out all blorpy, gets itself in a major space groove, then he brings in some divine hazy drone and sprinkles it with his trademarked synth noodling. Near perfection.

Who couldn't love this stuff? 2 tapes/1.5 hours of live synth jams from the dudes who do it best. Slick art and packaging, double bubble case, vellum cover AND insert, limited, this is just too fucking cool. Get it while you can.

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