Thursday, December 10, 2009

Voltaic Omen - Hammer Of Witches (self released, 2009)

Voltaic Omen - Invert The Cosmos

I have a soft spot in my heart for the most fucked and wicked black metal out there, along with the equally fucked song titles. Voltaic Omen's Hammer Of Witches tape lends a helping hand royally thrashing my ears and brightening my day with names like "Scream For Fucking Mercy" and what might be song title of the year, "Crypt Fucker" (so concise, so evocative).

Voltaic Omen has some serious hatred in his soul, seemingly directed at me. And you. And everyone else who listens to his filth metal. What I love about this dude is his vocals. They're not the deep throated Cookie Monster growls, nor are they like the screeching eagle demons. He's found some middle ground that will probably please most black metal fans.

With the exception of "Dance Of The Corpulent Witches" and it's toe tapping synths, every song is pure brutality. Furious walls of buzzing guitars and relentless washed out drums. And, of course, some strange beauty emerges from the abyss of evil, which is what makes black metal so fucking enjoyable.

I'm usually torn about which song to put up with a review. My storage space and bandwidth are limited so I try to go for the shorter songs, but "Invert The Cosmos" is so fucking epic and gorgeously twisted that I'm putting that one up. Make sure you fuckers listen to the whole thing. And then if you can find one of the 24 remaining hand numbered copies of Hammer Of Witches, fucking buy the shit out of it.

P.S. Go to his Myspace so you can listen to "Crypt Fucker" then head to his MediaFire to download a brand new song 18 minute song "Kuru Blown" that fucking slays.

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