Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bazaar Bizarre

Eluvium - The Motion Makes Me Last

I'm at Boston's Bazaar Bizarre today helping my wife sell her amazingly awesome Gocco stuff as Argyle Whale. We'll be at table 45 making friends and $$$ so stop by and say hello.

Even if you're not really all that into crafty handmade things (but why tf wouldn't you be? seriously...) this year BBB will have a whole separate room just for record vendors. Yes, now you can go to Baz Biz and buy records. Fucking sweet! I'm so stoked about this! So if you drop by table 45 and I'm not there, chances are you'll find me lurking around in the music room deciding what to spend my cash on. And if you wanted to get me a Christmas present, I can think of a good spot to go shopping...

And the Eluvium song is relevant because it's what I listened to while driving to BB last year. Also, it's a brand new Eluvium song. Get excited! It has vocals and percussion. It is not the Eluvium you thought you knew. It is Eluvium 2.0. And it is awesome.