Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Endless Endless Endless - Black Talisman (self released, 2009)

Endless Endless Endless - Distortions

Packaging shouldn't supersede the music, right? Well, it's hard when they name the record Black Talisman and you actually get a real honest-to-god black talisman with your purchase (etched with lasers). So I mean, obviously that's gonna be the first thing I mention.

Endless x3 aren't just about gimmicks, though. All of their brilliance wasn't wasted on badass kitsch. The music on Black Talisman is out of this world awesome. Think of the talisman as a prelude or a sign of the coolness to come.

Talisman is a noise drone record on it's intergalactic journey to a distant nebula. Tons of spacey synth blorps and glitchy star static that sometimes makes for a blissed out trip with cryogenic dreams or an unsettling paranoia filled nightmare. It all depends on what leg of the trek you're on. Like sometime going through the "Distortions" asteroid storm, shit gets pretty fucking hairy but by the time you've reached your destination on Planet "Washes" you're in fucking heaven and everything's as perfect as can be.

However, as super fucking cool as Black Talisman is, I have to fault E3 on the packaging of their packaging. My talisman broke in the mail. :(

I want to keep this review going just so I could write the name EENNNNDDLESSSSS in a bunch of different ways 'cause it makes me happy (good name dudes). But I don't really have anything else to say except Black Talisman is totally awesome and EEEndless are going places as long as they keep churning out ideas as sweet as this one.

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