Tuesday, December 8, 2009

King Kong Ding Dong - Youth Culture Index (self released, 2009)

King Kong Ding Dong - Distant Drums

I listen to King Kong Ding Dong a lot and have little to say about them. I decided to write this review when I realized why that was. Because their name is King Kong Ding Dong. Yeah. Say that out loud, please. There ya go. That's pretty much all I think about when I'm listening to them. That, and how fucking ridiculously fantastic this album is.

Youth Culture Index is about to blow up. Once people know it exists, it will literally explode. Some sort of self aware timer or something. I dunno. But it's got all the makings of a classic. Kinda tropical, kinda tribal, kinda fucked up, kinda 100% AWESOME... you get the idea.

Also, I just found out that this is available for free. FUCKING SERIOUSLY. Click here already. There isn't a single reason you shouldn't have at least 5 copies of this on your hard drive. And then buy it, too. It's only 7 bucks cheapskate.


Wooly Mammal said...

Dude, totally agree. This has been one of my favorites of the year.

Gmoney said...

It's a good one.

Joshua said...

There's some new KKDD out there under a new name Wasnt Wisnt.
for serious