Thursday, February 21, 2008

MST3K Initiation

So...I've never seen any Mystery Science Theater episodes before tonight. I kind of had a slight aversion to MST3K due to other people I've known who loved it. My roommate freshman year was a big fan, although he never watched it while I was around. He even had the poster for the movie on the back of our door, with a hole punched out in one of the zeros so we could still see through the eye hole. We had similar taste in movies, but not enough for me to feel like I needed to watch everything he loved that I hadn't seen.

Then there was the last movie theater I worked at. It was a lot bigger than the one I work at now, although it was still independently owned, but it had 7 screens and therefor a lot more employees. Everyone there geeked out about MST3K on a daily basis, spouting quotes from the most obscure MST3K episodes. I enjoyed their company for the most part, but these were people who's tastes were very different from mine so I ended up not taking their recommendations on movies very often.

Also, I just never really got around to watching it. It was one of those things, like a classic movie you've never seen that you try to hide from your friends because if they found out, they would shun you. For example, I've never seen Annie Hall (and I refuse to because I hate Woody Allen), anything by Hitchcock, the Alien trilogy (I've seen Resurrection but that hardly counts), Seven Samurai, Mad Max, etc, etc...

So tonight I watched Eegah with a few of my friends who are fans of MST3K. It was exactly what I expected: an awful movie dubbed with humorous commentary. This is basically what everyone does when they watch a terrible movie, the only problem is you can't really make fun of the movie you're watching because there's already people doing it. Anyway, I have been initiated and I definitely enjoyed it. I look forward to watching many more, the only problem is there's still all those classics I haven't seen yet.

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Sanspants said...

Then I guess we'll need to watch the Alien trilogy. I have it. Let's do this.