Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Atlas Sound, White Rainbow, and Valet at The Middle East

Bradford Cox and Honey Owens in Atlas Sound

Adam Forkner in White Rainbow

Honey Owens in Valet

Brian Foot in Valet

Atlas Sound, White Rainbow, and Valet all played at the Middle East Upstairs last night. It was a fantastic show. One of the more interesting parts was that the band members were basically just switching bands all night. Valet's live line-up consisted of Honey Owens, Brian Foot (from Nudge), and Bradford Cox (from Deerhunter). White Rainbow is one guy, Adam Forkner. And Atlas Sound (live) is all of them combined along with a drummer from Atlanta named Stephanie Macksey. So it kind of seemed like one long set with lots of similar, awesome music.

White Rainbow definitely wins the gold for the evening, which isn't surprising because his performance was the one I was most looking forward to. He ambled around the stage, finding various instruments (drums, tambourines, bells, guitars, his mouth, the floor) and used his microphone to record loops. If you've heard any of his records, then you might know what I'm talking about. And even if you have, his live show is much more engrossing than his records. And I love his records. So that's a major compliment.

I was able to pick up White Rainbow's new record which I wasn't aware existed. It's called Sky Drips Drifts and it's amazing. It's slightly more folky and more tribal than Prism Of Eternal Now. And maybe more loop oriented. I'm not sure as I'm still listening to it and I'm only on the second track but those are my immediate impressions.

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