Friday, February 22, 2008

The Depreciation Guild

Thanks to Pitchfork's recent review, I discovered a new band and a new genre. 8 bit shoegaze. Awesome. The Depreciation Guild combine two of my favorite types of music and really pull it off. One of the best parts? Their albums are totally free. Their new one, In Her Gentle Jaws, is available to download on their website. And their previous EP, Nautilus, is available for free as well.

This lead me to a discovery of epic proportions. There's a website called 8bitPeoples that distributes free 8 bit electronic music. This is a quote from the "Mission" section of their website.

"The 8bitpeoples first came together in 1999 as a collective of artists sharing a common love for classic videogames and an approach to music which reflected this obsession. Our primary interests were to provide quality music for free and most importantly to have fun."

Definitely check out The Depreciation Guild. They sound similar to M83 and I fuckin love M83. And they (M83) just happen to be coming to the Middle East in June. Hooray! And if you like 8 bit stuff, I'm sure you now have a new way to occupy your time.

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