Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daniel Menche - Concussions

Wow. This is crazy shit. Sometimes it sounds like big, fat, heavy raindrops hitting your windshield as you drive down the highway at 70 mph. Sometimes it sounds like robots working in a giant factory building more robots. It often sounds like an army of 500 drummers, just going at it. And at any given time, each drummer is playing in sync with a few other drummers. But then 40 or 50 drummers find themselves playing at the same time and they get into a groove while the other drummers back down a little bit. Everything is always fading or growing, morphing into something else. At it's strongest, it's a knotted wall of crackling static noise. When it quiets down a bit, you think that it could possibly be Boredoms. And if you went to Boredoms' 77 Boadrum in Brooklyn last July, then maybe you can have some sort of idea of what this sounds like.

It was released in 2006 on Asphodel. Double disc, destroying your ears for 2 hours. This music is solid, dense, and heavy. Not much in the liner notes except "Flex your muscles!"

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