Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunken - New Zealand Eels (Emerald Cocoon, 2010)

Sunken - Eelman 003

Yall remember Sunken, right? I mean, not even just because their last CD Eye Electric Organ, Brain Electric Nerve was some of the best massive blissful organ drone out there, but because it's Stefan Neville (Pumice dude) & Anthony Milton (of The Nether Dawn). Little mini drone superduo, right?

New Zealand Eels is their third record, first on vinyl, and second release off of Emerald Cocoon. What all this is leading up to is an enormously depressing, bleak, drowning drone record. Sunken took the uplifting sounds from their previous records and fucking buried 'em at the bottom of the ocean.

I have no idea where the sounds on this record are coming from, except for the muffled cries for help that are almost certainly vocals, vocals that weigh heavy on your heart and empty your bowels. As far as I can tell, Eels is made with broken organs, tape decks, & electronics torn from a centuries old barnacle covered shipwreck. It's distorted, bloated from soaking in too much water, warped & claustrophobic, creaking planks, echoing in an empty submarine as it's going down. It's lo-fi as shit, everything blurs together in a noisy, droney whirlpool of depressing fucking gorgeousness.

This is sad music for sad people by sad people. You can't listen to New Zealand Eels and come out feeling ok. It has a haunting beauty, but that beauty can't make up for the utter doom & desolation permeating it. Sunken have created an incredibly stunning record that is probably going to win them some awards or something. Only 300 copies. Join them on their journey to the black ocean floor.


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This is a terrific super duo, I know that there are a lo of people who don't know about them, they have to know a little about them because they had excellent music.

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