Thursday, August 12, 2010

Prince Rama, CAVE, The Needy Visions, Jealousy, Lord Jeff, SKIMASK at The Temple

The Temple: New legit venue in JP, actual stage, real lighting, pretty big, sounds decent, easy parking/close-ish to T, booked mostly by Bodies Of Water, definitely a place to keep an eye on for weird shows

SKIMASK: Lightning Bolt trio except replace bass with fucked FXd vocals and add a dude rambling stream of consciousness shit sounding like Magic People

Lord Jeff: sloppy garage pop, low key jangly fun

Jealousy: 1 wacky dude from SF playin noisy looped post punk gaze with a crazy getup and strobe lights, actually pretty awesome

The Needy Visions: way better live than on record, tons of fun old school catchy '60s psych garage jams

CAVE: fucking killer new wave psych drone rock à la Oneida, riffage galore, so so amazing live

Prince Rama
: Eastern space psych with crazy drums & electronics overload, vocals from another time, brought out the Indian dancing girl, ancient double 16mm projectors throwing bizarre visuals up on the wall

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Lord Jeff


The Needy Visions


Prince Rama

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Greg Hunt said...

cave, one of the sickest acts i saw at pitchfork festival. seeing them at cake shop tomorrow night