Wednesday, August 18, 2010

MP3: Hipster Youth - I Lost My Corpse Paint

Hipster Youth - I Lost My Corpse Paint

I'm not sure it's possible to be more self aware than this dude. But at least he's making some good tunes instead of writing a snarky blog full of hipster loathing. "I Lost My Corpse Paint" is nearly 9 minutes of synthy electro pop. Super heavy on the chiptunes (authentic or not is your guess), with a hearty mix of crisp beats & gritty blown out melodies. Sweet enough to put on your next dance party mix although I'll leave it up to you if you ever want to reveal to your friends that you enjoy music from a guy called Hipster Youth.

It looks like the 50 limited hand numbered CD-Rs are sold out. That means you should stream & download the whole album, Teenage Elders, at Bandcamp, highly recommended for song titles such as "Crying Outside Clubs," "Pop Song For Those With Short Attention Spans," and the ridiculously catchy "Super Fun Hipster Suicide Party."

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