Tuesday, August 10, 2010

America Addio - Cotton Kingdom (Enemies List, 2010)

America Addio - Monster Show

Ok, so I have a bit of a love affair with/hard on for Enemies List. I remember feeling this way about some other labels when I first found out about them (Temp Res, T&G) but I wasn't always 100% in line with their aural aesthetic and I wasn't with them from the beginning. Not so with Enemies List. Every release is a fucking winner and I feel like that creepy fan who pretends they're best friends with a celebrity and has a bizarre unfounded sense of pride every time they do something awesome.

Anyway... America Addio is EL pal Cody, who played with Have A Nice Life in their live incarnations, but he's not just some lame sidekick. He's got his own shit that dominates your face with unrivaled coolness.

Cotton Kingdom is just plain insane. It's the kind of insane that I think is super fucking rad but could be harsh on other less cultured ears (SNOB ALERT). For serious though, I could understand someone not liking this because the vocals sound like he's singing under liquid helium and it's brute force wonky synth orchestra drum machine party rock. Not your bag? Leave now.

But you should all definitely stick around. Even if you have no loyalty to Enemies List (yet), Cotton Kingdom is worth being a bit musically adventurous for. It's a man's record meant for partying in the year 2525 with hot chicks (or vice versa depending on your thing) and WHO DOESN'T WANT THAT?

There's only one way to listen to this record, so make sure you don't fuck it up. Throw every thing in your living room out the window (except for your bangin stereo), pour grenadine & glitter all over the floor, cover the walls with the future, open your windows, crank the SHIT outta this record, and let the cool passersby wander inside to join you for the party of the century.

P.S. When (not if) you buy this record, your money goes towards Heifer International which is a super fantastic charity that donate cows, sheep, goats, chickens, llamas, pigs, etc to people in need.

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