Monday, August 9, 2010

M. Mucci - Time Lost (Tall House Recording Co, 2010)

M. Mucci - Small Triumphs

I know I put M. Mucci's "Moments Between" on that mix I recently made, but Time Lost is so sweet that 2 posts in a row with Mucci Music is not only tolerable, but encouraged.

This record is an utterly fantastic showcase of supreme guitar pickin. I'm no guitar pickin expert, but I'd say Mucci's talents are gonna take him places. His hi-fi dusty Americana is classic & engaging, pretty much perfect for every occasion. Strolling through dead crunchy leaves by the brook, riding the subway, laying on your back in an open field, baking pies, stomping through puddles, chillin on the night beach, non-raging parties. You can listen to it anytime. Dinner, literally, anytime.

Time Lost is top notch lush & twangy guitar, with the occasional percussion. It just fills the room with delicate dreams and makes everything all right. Stream the whole thing on Bandcamp then grab the limited LP, complete with amazing encaustic artwork, and be happy for the rest of your life.


peter said...

yeah, this was one of the standout tracks for me on the mix . . . can't wait to check out more stuff from this person.

Justin Snow said...

Thanks for the comments Peter! Glad you like my mixes. :)

And you should definitely check out the whole record. It's pretty fantastic.