Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Videos: CocoRosie, MSTRKRFT, & The Heartless Bastards

Pitchfork.TV posted a couple of nice videos recently. This is the one for CocoRosie's new single called "God Has A Voice, She Speaks Through Me" and the video is quite....colorful. And cool.

MSTRKRFT is pretty great. And this video for "Work On You" matches, if not exceeds their greatness. It hits all the right spots. Animated? Check. Robots? Check. Disco party? Check. The intro to a "Beat It" style light saber fight? Check. Heart crushing tragedy? Check. If you want any more than that, then you're just being greedy.

They also posted the video for "All This Time" by The Heartless Bastards. That album (All This Time) is really fantastic. Lots of good songs to be found on it, unlike their album before it Stairs And Elevators. The video really looks like a commercial, though. For like, Old Navy or something. It's not bad, just cheesy. And not very original. I like the end though, with the American Gothic thing. And the song's good enough to warrant posting the video.

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