Monday, June 23, 2008

MP3: No Age - Teen Creeps

No Age - Teen Creeps

It took me a long time to hear No Age's latest, Nouns. I listened to Weirdo Rippers a while back and didn't think much of it. But I figured there was a lot of hype with Nouns, though, so why not give it a listen. Verdict: I enjoy it. It's fine. Nothing amazing.

But "Teen Creeps." That awesome. Like, really good. It's pretty simple, nothing adventurous or challenging. But it's still great. I mean, I feel like I've heard that riff a hundred times before. Even with that little dedede de dede part, too. But I find myself putting Nouns on, and when "Teen Creeps" ends, I just hit the back button and listen again, and again. I'm probably extending the length of the album by a good 10 minutes by the amount of times I listen to "Teen Creeps."

If, like me, you've waited forever to pay any attention to No Age and their (overhyped) Nouns, now's the time to at least give "Teen Creeps" a listen. It might get you hooked.

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