Wednesday, June 11, 2008


No, that's not an exclamation of excitement, it's a new sub-genre of electronic music. According to the skwee Wikipedia article, it "combines simple synth leads and basslines with funk, r'n'b or soul-like rhythms, overall rendering a stripped-down funky sound." So yeah, it's funky, groovy electronic music. Fantastic!

Most skweee recordings are released on vinyl, primarily 7", but skwee friendly Swedish labels Flogsta Danshall and Harmönia have put out a couple compilations on CDs and 12". And this is exactly how I discovered skwee. The Museum Of Future Sound 2 CD comp put out by FD is getting ridiculous amounts of play time in my apartment and anywhere else I can play my iPod. I can't get enough of it.

I don't want to sound, well, dumb, but being new to the genre makes it difficult for me to notice many differences amongst the 18 bands on MOFS2. A lot of the songs sound like they could be from the same artist to me. But I'm sure if I stick around and get to know my company a little better, I'll be much more educated about their subtleties. Something I look forward to.

I must admit, there is a part of me that loves dance music. I have no idea where it came from or how long it was lying dormant, but it's here and I have learned to embrace it. Everything from Daft Punk and Justice, to skwee and glitch, to A Faulty Chromosome and M83. I love all things with a foot stompin', booty shakin' beat. And now I have a new way to get my fix. Thanks skwee!

Joxaren - LIHOP

Mesak - Popkumm

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Christine said...

One of the background "blurps" reminds me of the original arcade game of Centipede. Geesh, talk about taking me back :o)