Tuesday, April 29, 2008

War Dance

This isn't a full on review or anything. I just wanted to express my utmost appreciation for this film. War Dance is about the Acholi tribe in Northern Uganda, where civil war is ravaging the country. However, there is a primary school within a refugee camp where the students have won the honor of competing in the prestigious National Music Competition. The film juxtaposes the people's constant fear of being attacked by the rebels and the horrifying stories of how these children have lost their families with their daily practicing of song and dance in hopes of showing the rest of the country that they are worthy of respect at the competition. It's gorgeously filmed, with vibrant colors and tightly framed, invading close ups. It's an uplifting story that is hard to relate to, one that evokes both empathy and hope. It's an unbelievable movie that is deserving of it's Oscar nomination for Best Documentary, as well as the other awards it won at various festivals (including Sundance). If this slipped by you in it's limited theatrical run like it did to me, by all means take the time to watch it on video.


Daniel G. said...

Hmm, something must have happened to my first comment. Anyway, it was just that this movie is fantastic.

nick plowman said...

Agreed, Daniel.

It was very admirable and I am glad I own it on DVD, it is magnificent to say the least.