Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ice Spiders

I'm not ashamed to say that I watched this. It had potential. All I needed to know was that it involved giant vicious spiders. It sadly wasn't funny enough to be enjoyable. It was a movie that tried to be intentionally bad and funny but with that much self awareness, it just turned out bad. It stars Vanessa Williams (not the one you're thinking of) and Patrick Muldoon, one of the guys from Starship Troopers. When some guy asks Muldoon, "Who put you in charge?" he responds by saying something about having experience fighting bugs or something like that. There were a few lines like that that were amusing, but not nearly enough. There was also Noah Bastian, who's character is named Chad. He was also named Chad in the MTV band/movie 2ge+her. And you can't forget the forest ranger named Rick. This movie was bad upon bad. The cheesy dialogue, the low budget graphics, the ever changing size of the spiders, and the stone faced acting sadly all amounted to a lame movie that had possibilities. Even if you're looking for a bad movie to laugh at, skip this one and look for something like The Stuff.

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