Thursday, June 25, 2009

Triptych Trencher - Hallway For Chronic Liars (Grimeology, 2009)

Triptych Trencher - Hallway For Chronic Liars

My wife brought this back from Mass Market as a gift after meeting the creator. Carl Annarummo, aka Triptych Trencher, and his wife were there as part of The Greying Ghost selling their wares (poetry zines, etc) in addition to this lonely 3" CD, Hallway For Chronic Liars. What a fantastic surprise it was to have my wife do some (semi) blind buying for me and have it turn out awesome.

I absolutely fucking love how this album starts out. It's one of those slow claps, oft parodied in cheesy comedies, that gets more and more chaotic as it turns into flatout applause, and as the claps get rowdier, a static buzzing gets louder. Eventually they both drop out and crazy oscillating electronic factory sounds are joined by strange radio transmissions. Then shit only gets weirder from there. So awesome.

You endure everything from the operator informing you that you have the wrong number to nightmarish thunder storms, and high end insect chirping to thick enveloping crunch. And that's all in the first 5 minutes. The following 10 are fucking intense insane noise lying somewhere between the physical and the ethereal. But at about 15 minutes in, after some laughing children fade out, all goes silent until the final 3 minutes where we're treated to some throbbing disharmonious screeching. These crazy noise guys, always keeping you on your toes.

I love discovering new noise, especially when it's local, and I also love finding out about new labels in the process. This one's on Grimeology Records, based out of Burlington, VT, who also happen to have released stuff by A Snake In The Garden and Vestigial Limb's recent Divine Wind. Sadly, I think Triptych Trencher is no more, but we'll always have Hallway For Chronic Liars.


aimee said...

the "children" laughing may have been me. the whistling definitely was.

"the trench" as it is called aorund here thanks you for your good review. I'll dig up some of the other stuff and give it to Elise if you'd like to hear more.

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