Friday, June 26, 2009

The Golden Sores - A Peaceable Kingdom (Bloodlust, 2009)

The Golden Sores - Klonopin

Alright guys. This is it. The one you've been waiting for. The drone record to come from some new band you've never heard of and completely kick every other drone record's ass. And where did they come from? Chicago. Duh.

By now, everyone has become supersaturated with drone. It seems like every kid these days is mashing the keys on their thrift store synth and burning it onto a CD-R in about as much time as it takes me to eat my morning bowl of Kashi's Honey Sunshine. But The Golden Sores know the virtue of patience and quality. This is their second record (the first, Ashdod To Ekron, I reviewed on diskant and is available as a free download) and sweet Jesus they've already made their masterpiece. I mean, Ashdod was amazing and all, but where the hell are they gonna go after A Peaceable Kingdom? I can't really imagine them making anything better.

The drone on Kingdom is made of the kind of heavenly tones that are essentially instrumentless. It could be coming from a guitar or a synthesizer (and, in fact, comes from both) but you'd never know and it doesn't even fucking matter. It's the kind of unwavering/wavering blissful static that keeps you turning up the volume every 2 or 3 minutes as your ears adjust, gently demolishing your eardrums.

I can't heap enough praise upon The Golden Sores and what they're doing for the drone community. Not only are they showing all the impostors how it's fucking done but they're giving us euphoria seeking music obsessors some of the highest quality shit out there. This record is so good the Sores could break up right now and it would hardly even matter.

Coolest thing EVER sidenote: I literally screamed and blushed like a little girl when I saw that I'm in the thank you list on this record. It consists of about 15 names and I'm one of them. I assume it's because I reviewed their first record but whatever the reason, I've only felt this cool once before in my life (when Aidan Baker knew who I was). So, yeah, if you're reading this Sores, thanks for the thanks. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Final note: I just realized that my review of A Peaceable Kingdom is strikingly similar to my review of Ashdod To Ekron. I think, if anything, this is a good sign. I'm happy to know my opinions are steadfast and that The Golden Sores have thus far been consistently awesome in all the right ways.


Marilyn Roxie said...

Featured them in one of the Independent Music Discoveries posts recently- I really do love drone-type music in general, but there is something definitely magical about this! :)

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I loved listening to their music. In fact I have one of their publications, and I will avail more of it. Their music is very inspiring and entertaining. Hopefully, they will compose more songs.

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