Sunday, January 11, 2009

Blogs Hate Weekends + I Like Muse

Wtf is up with blogs not posting anything on weekends? Do you guys have a life or something? I need shit to read at work people. Gimme a hand here. I know you're all just pretending to have a social life when you're really just sitting in your living room playing Double Dragon with your bros. And that makes me jealous.

When did I become a fan of Muse? I remember hearing "Time Is Running Out" back when I was a wee thing and guiltily enjoying it. But I never really paid much attention to them. I think it started with Guitar Hero and the ridiculously hard "Knights Of Cydonia" and solidified itself when I saw the Watchmen trailer. That shit is cheesy and epic in all the right places.


p.w. said...

ah, muse... i remember first hearing about them way back when 'showbiz' was released, and i saw their video for 'muscle museum'--the one where everyone cries--and i immediately liked it, since it was during my teen angst days...

that 'knights of cydonia' track is quite epic. it's a great way to end an album.

Nick said...

"cheesy and epic in all the right places" - my thoughts on them exactly. But I've gotten into much cheesier stuff via Guitar Hero.