Monday, April 13, 2009

Stone Baby - Vir Heroicus Subliminus (Tape Drift, 2008)

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Stone Baby - Side A (I / II)

Vir Heroicus Subliminus is a rough one. It's thick and dirty and not necessarily the easiest thing to listen to. So right off the bat, I love it. However, contrary to it's thickness, Subliminus feels almost like you're not listening to anything at all. It's a specter that almost entirely vanishes when you view it directly.

I hate to say this, but Stone Baby's Tape Drift debut works best for me when I'm not actively listening to it. When I keep it on in the background, I end up hearing all sorts of crazy shit like crying babies and throngs of beetles. But the minute I focus all of my attention on it, everything disappears. All I'm left with is my questionable memory.

I know that there is, in fact, fantastic music recorded to this tape. I know that because I know I'm not crazy. Whenever Subliminus is playing, I hear the most wonderful sounds (crying babies excluded). Just because I can't find it when I'm actually listening to it is irrelevant. The tape that I know as Vir Heroicus Subliminus is the tape I hear when I'm not paying attention to it. And that tape is fucking awesome.

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