Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MP3: Pita - 3

Pita - 3

"3" from Pita's Get Out is the kind of song that makes it not matter what else is on the album. And in this case, that's a good thing because the rest of the tracks can't compete with "3."

It starts out nice and pleasant with a weird rewind beat but at about a minute and a half, it jumps into the kind of ear penetration that makes you wince. And it doesn't go away. But you realize that hey, this actually sounds amazing. It's full on speaker blowage but that beat doesn't stop. Occasionally it gets almost completely buried underneath the static but it's still there. It's a noise-dance-drone masterpiece. Fucking count me in.


Alex Fregon said...

You're right, this is really good. Like Black Dice and Growing, that kind of thing. Yeah, I like. Where do you find this stuff?

Justin Snow said...

All over the place. Mostly blogs and different record stores. I found this one through Aquarius.

Anonymous said...