Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm The Handyman

My two CD towers just weren't cutting it anymore. They were too rowdy and precarious and frankly, I just didn't trust them. Elise (who secretly coveted the corner they were in) suggested I hang some shelves for all of my music. I pointed out to her that we didn't have any open wall space to hang such monstrous shelves and she replied, well, we can always take down our art. So we did. Here are a couple of before pictures.

So then we went to the lumber shop and picked up some supplies. This is me being proud and excited.

Murphy's Law made me a very grumpy person during the actual construction, so there aren't any pictures of me building anything. If pictures were taken of me, you would probably be decapitated with my razor blade eyes through the photo just by looking at them. I mean, Elise is lucky to be alive. She was at ground zero. So for your safety, I included a few pictures of the finished product.

Now I pray that my handy skills are badass enough to hold up such a beastly collection. And this is what I listened to while I was being Mr. DIY.

The Knife - Handy-Man


Johnny said...

That's rad. I'm adding this to the list of things I underestimated Justin's ability to do.

Christine said...

If I didn't see it, I wouldn't believe it. And c'mon, Justin...YOU? No patience? A temper? I wouldn't have believed that either.

p.w. said...

ooh, nice shelves. is that a 'rock action' + 'my father my king' + 'mr. beast' trio that i spy on the third row?

i'm also starting to run out space for my cd's, although not to the extent of your 'before' pictures.

Justin Snow said...

That is the trio you spy. Mogwai is one of the few bands that takes up a good 6+ inches on my shelves (not including the Zidane soundtrack down in the Z section). Having a good looking shelving unit that actually holds everything and presents it in a nice way with room to grow is a supremely good feeling. I recommend it.