Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Faulty Chromosome - Craving To Be Coddled So We Feel Fake-Safe (self released, 2009)

A Faulty Chromosome - Tippy-Toes

WTF. How is A Faulty Chromosome not being worshiped by every indie music nerd on the planet? These guys are creating the best weirdo bedroom pop and they're making it all their own. Craving To Be Coddled So We Feel Fake-Safe is the follow up to my second favorite record of last year, their debut As An Ex-Anorexic's..., and it's every bit as awesome as their first.

The music is the most charming and nostalgic stuff ever, filled with busted keyboards, electronic sprinkler beats, hand claps, excerpts from old educational family records, damaged percussion, dreamy guitars, and mumbled vocals with a fondness for alliteration and puns. Everything about these songs screams a nonchalant fuck you, we're gonna make our music however we want and it's gonna be fucking great.

A Faulty Chromosome is, like, dead broke from making their first record so they're jumping on the Kickstart thing trying to raise money to get Craving To Be Coddled a physical release. So head over and donate whatever you want, then go to their Virb page and download this absolutely necessary album for free.


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