Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Acre - Isolationist (Isounderscore, 2009)

Acre - Untitled 1

I've had this for wayyyyy too long, and while I can make excuses for not having written about it yet (like I moved and couldn't find my copy to scan for the artwork, or I've been too busy, or I couldn't think of anything to say because it's so fucking brilliant) they're all pretty much irrelevant. Reason being: Acre's Isolationist is unbelievably amazing drone.

Let's face it. Winter's coming (southern hemisphere excluded). And like a bear fattening up on salmon and squirrels for the long hibernation, you too should be gathering as much cold weather appropriate tunes for the forthcoming blizzards. Isolationist is a necessity for your stockpile.

Acre's drone is the fucking best. Super long form, like Wada or Niblock except with the lushness of somebody like White Rainbow or Eluvium. It's so thick and dense and warm (key word here). It's like a golden blanket from the gods sewn with threads of magic from the fabric of clouds to keep you blissfully cozy no matter what hardships you must endure.

This is the kind of drone that's maximized at full volume. You need this shit to envelope every atom of your being. Let it hug your bones. It'll keep you warmer than that quilt Grandma made for you last Christmas.

And the image up there looks nothing like the actual CD. The artwork is neon orange and there's a geometric pattern that isn't so much a color difference than it is a textural one. Totally awesome. You need to see it irl.


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