Thursday, June 3, 2010

David Tagg - Pentecost (Install, 2010)

David Tagg - Untitled 1

Reel to reel tapes of organ drones. BAM. Auto A+, right? Right.

David Tagg is a dude who's been around, dozens of releases on a handful of different labels, doing a lot of stuff with guitar (or so I hear). Not sure what took me so long to discover Tagg, but I assure you now that I have him in my sights, I'm never losing track.

Pentecost is the epitome of beauty. It's like Kowalsky and Basinski tag teaming the shit out of organs. Rare is the record that lives up to my snap judgments of its curt description, but this one not only meets my expectations, it sets the expectation-bypassing record.

There's almost an hour of untitled drones that are some of the most lush and mind altering drones on the planet. The richness seeps into your bones, sometimes weighing you down with a melancholic heart or lifting you up into the heavens. A warm pink haze envelopes your essence, you dream of distant fields teeming with silent hummingbirds, and dusty brooks weave their way through crackling burrows. Minimal looped texture to the nth degree. Life is perfect.

Organ drone is one thing (the best thing) but add that cloudy tape sound to it and I'm just done for. That's not to say I'm biased in reviewing Pentecost. Because I'm not. At all. This is a heavy handed ace drone record through and through, regardless of my infatuation with organs & tapes. So if you have any sense in you, you'll grab one of only 300 copies over at Install.

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